Help us to improve

You can participate with us to improve Ultimate CNC in different ways

  • Ultimate CNC in your language
  • Propose / Improve new features
  • Report if something not working
  • Try the next FREE versions
  • Try the next PRO versions (if you have them)

We wants include more features.

The following features are things we're trying to do, but maybe we didn't finish because of some problem or incompatibility or not being able to improve in the next version or whatever (in the real world these things happen). But these are things that we are trying to do. In this kind of thing, if you want to contribute you are welcome.

We always try to make features released for FREE, but sometimes it's impossible, some features require a lot of work and time.

It is our road map.


  • We would like to add gamepads.
  • Probably FREE release.
  • Workpiece coordinates

    • s Grab workpiece points, later calculate: center etc.
    • PRO release (4.1.0)

    Scripting engine

    • If the user can run their own scripts, this will open up the usage possibilities. Javascript seems like a good option for this purpose.
    • FREE release (4.0.0)

    Go to

    • To allow, go directly to a line of the g-code program. Ultimate CNC show G-code parser at that line. End users must confirm it (feedrate, ...).
    • Probably PRO release (4.1.0)

    Autoleveling user interface

    The user interface for auto leveling needs to be improved as it is difficult for end users to use. Only the GUI needs a rewrite.

  • FREE release