UltimateCNC offers free version of our software so you can "try before you buy." This is absolutely the best way of determining if the software is right for you.

The free version has some limited functions but enough for hobbyist.



  • Autolevelling
  • 2D / 3D Viewer
  • Console for GRBL
  • G-code limit to 30.000 lines
  • Simple CAD: Create fast shapes



  • Jogging
  • Tools included
  • Import images files
  • G-code unlimited lines
  • Support G-code extended


Ultimate CNC is distributed for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Once downloaded you only need execute the program.

In the case of Linux, after the download to execute the program you need give permissions of execution with the command: chmod +x UltimateCNC-Linux_x86_64.AppImage

Help request

If you have some problem, you can send us a message, we will try to help you.

Help request



[+] Manual change tool (M6)

[+] Drilling cycle (G81, G82)

[+] Panel pins triggered in Grbl (pinout)

[+] Panel g-code parameters

[+] Panel coordinates

[+] New G-code parser

[!] Fixes G02 y G03 in viewer

[!] Fixes in Autoleveling


[+] Easy configuration from menus of GRBL

[+] Auto Leveling functionality rewritten

[+] Add button to force send command to grbl in case of error

[+] Add panels depending on the screen resolution

[+] Support big files gcode

[+] Jogging using keyboard

[+] SimpleCAD with tool compensation

[+] Grbl interface rewrite

[!] Usage CPU and GPU optimized


[+] Switch to x64

[+] G2 G3 implemented

[+] Show splash on boot

[+] Desktop view implemented

[!] Fix random crash in some grbl responses

[!] Bug fixes

[!] Improvements gcode sender

[!] Improvement the prediction of finishing time in the current job

[!] Reduced start time First version using Qt3D and removing old Canvas3D

[!]Fix problem in gcode programs bigger than 32767 lines


First version


You need to have installed a firmware Grbl in the arduino board. The official release of Grbl can be downloaded from: