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If you email us about some common question, check this page, we update it.

Normally, it is happens because Ultimate CNC need OpenGL to run.
Please, check your drivers of graphic card.

To run the program on Windows 7 need Service Pack 1 (KB976932) and also Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017 (included when install the Ultimate CNC Installer).
Visual C++ 2017 64-Bit Redistributable

Your CNC supplier will give you a link to download Ultimate CNC.

Ultimate CNC does not support ARM architectures.
Maybe in the future it will be compatible.

Unofficially, Ultimate CNC can run on these platforms, actually Ultimate CNC was born for embedded devices, but currently, this software is ready to use in your computer.

Probably, it will be nice to see running it on tablets with Android.

You need to contact your CNC machine supplier, they give you the configured release for your DIY or professional CNC machine. Ultimate CNC Pro is distributed only as software on CNC machines by different resellers. On this website, we provide updates, and documentation.

Contact with your CNC provider.

Ultimate CNC is currently a 3D, G-Code viewer and G-code sender, with some additional features like: G-Code converters, modifying Z values, etc... It is not specific to any device. So, you can use as you like or need or connect the firmware you need.
The idea behind Ultimate CNC is to be a very generic GUI interface for 3 axis machines and to include a lot of amazing tools to use, like autoleveling, importing files, etc...
However, please contact your CNC supplier first of all.

No, the core of your CNC Machine is Grbl and your hardware.

Our recommendation is that you always update. Updates are important: sometimes they implement new features, sometimes bug fixes, sometimes fix OS compatibility, etc...
Before the update:
* For firmware, please check compatibility with your hardware.
* For Ultimate CNC, check the documentation if something changes, and it may affect you.
After update:
* Check carefully that everything is working.

This release is a major release.
* This release is a lot of time in develop.
* Test from resellers and users takes a lot of time.