August 23 2022

Change log

4.0.0 ( on development )

[+] Support M6 + T0-T16 in G-code creation. Added G04 P0 before M6.

[+] Add G54 - G59 / Set to 0 / Reset in GUI Coordinate area.

[+] New panels and buttons on 3D viewer area.

[+] Each shape extracted from STL, Images or Simple CAD to mill can use different tools from T0 to T16.

[+] Tool change need configuration (diameter and TLO) used by STL, Images and SimpleCAD. Tools available from T0 to T16.

[+] In STL, svg or images, G00 for the movements between the detected shapes.

[+] New configuration for Drills: customize G-code, and use M100-M199 for Scripts. Used by SimpleCAD and Object from scripts.

[+] G-code programs, STL, Images are sent always to a new powerfully SimpleCAD to analyze / modify / add some shape or execute Scripts.

[+] Drill (CAD function) from SimpleCAD, Scripts, ... can be able to customized by Scripts (Spindle direction, Tool Change, ...).

[+] Unification CAD functions: Shared between SimpleCAD, Images, Milling and Scripts.

[+] Adding folder with devices: /devices. JDY-31 is included by default.

[+] Events Object to scripting engine. Event handlers: device state, G-code sender state.

[+] GCodeProgram Object exported to scripting engine.

[+] Dialog Object for scripting engine. Boxes: alert, info, confirm, getCoord, wait, custom inputs ...

[+] Machine Object changed from non-blocking to blocking functions: more easy to use in scripting programming.

[+] Machine Object exported to scripting engine: goHome, goUpZ, spindleOn, probeZ, code, etc...

[+] First implementation scripting engine, based on JS.

[+] Removing old tool to load G-code programs, it is a legacy from 2.x, now, not necessary this and too hard to maintain.

[+] Logo customize.

[+] Add option to choose between good keyboards and "special" keyboards. By default, good keyboards enabled. PRO users will be able to enable "special" keyboards in Jog settings, if they have such keyboards.

[!] Fix. Milling not detect automatically "trace inside first" in some scenarios.

[!] Fix. User enter wrong g-code in command settings.

[!] Fix. Clean buffers if device is reset.

[!] Fix. Ignoring g-codes in internal g-code parser during jog.

[!] Fix jog for some keyboard. We need to open a document to explain why end users should not use this type of keyboards to jog.


[+] Select current line of g-code when Grbl response with error on g-code.

[+] Show new options on error g-code from Grbl: Feed-Hold, Next (Ignore and continue sending program), Close.

[+] Show error popup on serial port to end-user.

[+] Show message on Auto-leveling to end-user of status capturing PROBE positions.

[+] Auto disconnect keyboard (for jogging) when run a new g-code program.

[+] Auto disconnect keyboard (for jogging) if user click on configuration, tools, auto-leveling, ...

[+] Disable the GUI when G04 is on internal g-code parser for (P Seconds). In this release don't synchronize internal g-code parser with g-code parser on Grbl. The wait pop-up message will be showed only if P >= 1 and it is auto hidden with delay of 5 seconds. A Feed Hold button may be pressed.

[!] Some patches for macOS 12+, the PRO license is sometimes not detected correctly. The next releases, this will be improved.

[!] Disable g-code extended for FREE users (release). It allows FREE users (release) continuing run g-code program, if user wants. On previous release, cancel the current job. The initial message showed before on FREE release: "don't run this g-code...", will be showed, also.


[+] Supports connections to Grbl via Bluetooth (SPP protocol only).

[+] G-code compression for STL, SVG, images, and SimpleCAD.

[+] Climb Milling and Conventional Milling for STL, SVG, Images, and SimpleCAD.

[+] STL, SVG, and Image improvements to Gcode. Easier to use for the end-user: set the origin to a workpiece, set the size to mm, set shape order tracking, ...

[+] Set coolant: flood or mist for STL, SVG, Images, and SimpleCAD.

[+] Improvements in the 3D Viewer.

[+] Hide x,y,z,coolant,spindle limits panel in setup. Useful for users with a screen resolution of 1366x768 or less.

[+] Change Command probe

[+] Inserting G04 P0 to control unexpected alarms.

[+] M6 G-code improvements: add a panel with Feed Hold option, PressonContinue with a 2-second delay, small changes for better FlatCAM support.

[+] Choose the size of the popup in the GUI, popups are bigger

[+] Rewritten Panel Feed, Rapid, Spindle.

[!] Fix: Enable/disable laser from settings

[!] Fix: Auto-leveling when height > width

[!] Fix auto-leveling error in G-code with '(' comments. Affected Windows 10 only.

[!] Fix: Auto-leveling is automatically canceled if the user doesn't press the Delete button


[!] Fix license error on Linux


[+] Manual change tool (M6)

[+] Drilling cycle (G81, G82)

[+] Panel pins triggered in Grbl (pinout)

[+] Panel g-code parameters

[+] Panel coordinates

[+] New G-code parser

[!] Fixes G02 y G03 in the viewer

[!] Fixes in Auto leveling


[+] Easy configuration from menus of Grbl

[+] Auto Leveling functionality rewritten

[+] Add button to force send command to Grbl in case of error

[+] Add panels depending on the screen resolution

[+] Support big files G-code

[+] Jogging using keyboard

[+] Simple CAD with tool compensation

[+] Grbl interface rewrite

[!] Usage CPU and GPU optimized


[+] Switch to x64

[+] G2 G3 implemented

[+] Show splash on boot

[+] Desktop view implemented

[!] Fix random crash in some Grbl responses

[!] Bug fixes

[!] Improvements G-code sender

[!] Improvement the prediction of finishing time in the current job

[!] Reduced start time First version using Qt3D and removing old Canvas3D

[!] Fix problem in G-code programs bigger than 32767 lines