August 23 2022


Ultimate CNC can generate G-code Programs from:

  • STL, SVG, or Images.
  • SimpleCAD
  • Script engine.

Depends on which scenario, Ultimate CNC, show you a parameters that you can modify on the fly, but if some parameter is not showed, always will take the configuration from "Milling" screen.

Many parameters, are depended on your hardware, so you don't need to modify each time that you generate a G-Code Program. Then, configure it one time.

Safe Z
Safety distance not to touch the material.
Z step
The distance between each pass of Z.
Represent the speed of your spindle. It is a duty cycle scaled.
Spindle wait
Waiting time in seconds for the spindle to turn on
Axis XY, Feed Rate
Feedrate used to axis xy
Axis Z, Feed Rate
Feedrate used to axis z
Arcs, Feed Rate
Feedrate used in G02 or G03. You can select between the feedrate configured in the Z-Axis or the XY Axis.
Gcode Compress
Compress the gcode before send to Grbl firmware
Turn on coolant
Turn on and off coolant on G-code programs
Clockwise / anticlockwise direction for milling. If need mill some arc, it configure G02 or G03 according of this configuration. The spindle rotation (M3/M4) is chosen from Command config.
Script on start
It adds a M-Code in the first line of your G-code program, so when execute it run a Script. (release 4.x)
Script on end
It adds a M-Code, before M2/M30, so when execute it run a Script. (release 4.x)