August 23 2022

Tool Change

When Ultimate CNC detects the M6 G-code within a G-code program, it will display a pop-up window to help you perform smanual tool change. The tool number to be selected can be programmed with the keyword 'T'.

  • When the pop-up is shown, the button "Press to continue" is disabled for 2 seconds.
  • 'T' number is used when Ultimate CNC generate G-code from STL or Images.
  • 'T' number is configured from "Tool Change" settings.

grbl tool change m6

Generic steps

  • Turn off the spindle.
  • Position the spindle somewhere for tool change.
  • Change the tool.
  • Adjust the tool length offset, or z probe the offset, ...
  • Switch on the spindle.
  • Press the continue button.

Sample code:

M6 T2 # will change the current tool to tool number 2. 
T3 M6 # will change the current tool to tool number 3.